St. Margaret's Bay Elementary

Staff Directory

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Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Bennett, Tonya Administrative Assistant
Hoyt, Paula Principal
MacDonald, Lisa Vice Principal Twitter

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Aucoin, M. Core French
Lunney, E. ELS/Reading Recovery
Hare, J. Grade Five
Smith, J. Grade Five
Zinck, J. Grade Five
Walsh, M. Grade Four
Fraser, T. Grade Four
Lee-Callaghan, H. Grade One
Granville, K. Grade One
Brown, M. Grade One/Two
MacDonald, L. Grade One/Vice Principal
Crummer, T. Grade Primary
Dunn, L. Grade Primary
Foley, K. Grade Primary/One
McDonald, N. Grade Primary/One
Johnstone-McInnis, K. Grade Three
Smith, E. Grade Three
Simms, M. Grade Three/Four
Strong, N. Grade Two
MacKay, S. Grade Two
Christie, S. Grade Two/Three
Williams, J. Guidance Counselor
Walker, A. Learning Center
MacIntyre-Bryden, L. Learning Center
Edwards, J. Music
Irvine, J. Physical Education
Jollymore, A. Physical Education
Hynes, R. Resource
Walsh, M. Resource
Badcock Hendrickson, J. Resource/Reading Recovery

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Wheadon, J. ECE - Lead Pre-Primary
Halverson, S. ECE - Lead Pre-Primary
Swansburg, N. ECE - Pre-Primary
McVeigh, B. ECE - Pre-Primary
Strange, M. Education Program Assistant
Peddie, S. Educational Program Assistant
Bennett, M. Educational Program Assistant
Gallant, L. Educational Program Assistant
Bamford, A. Educational Program Assistant
MacLeod, P. Educational Program Assistant
Norris, K. Educational Program Assistant
Campbell, F. Educational Program Assistant
McCarthy, D. Educational Program Assistant
Inglis, R. Library Support Specialist
Zinck, Andrea School Social Worker 902-221-6690
Battiste, Sherry Schools Plus Assistant Leader 902-471-2445 Website
Foulkes, Chad SchoolsPlus Community Outreach 902-233-2479