St. Margaret's Bay Elementary

School to reopen for students on Monday


St. Margaret’s Bay Elementary School will reopen for students on Monday, December 7.

We will continue to support all students with at-home learning tomorrow (Friday).

As indicated in the letter you received from Public Health on Tuesday, all close contacts in the school have been notified and no further action is required of families.

The building has been thoroughly cleaned. As part of this cleaning, electrostatic sprayers were used to ensure all surfaces, not just high touch, were disinfected.

I want to thank everyone for stepping up in these challenging times. I am deeply impressed with how quickly students and staff have pivoted to learning and teaching at-home.

Please continue to monitor your child(ren) daily for signs or symptoms of COVID-19 using Nova Scotia’s daily checklist at: .

If your child(ren) has or develops signs or symptoms as described on the checklist, complete the COVID-19 self-assessment online at or call 811 if you are unable to access the online tool.

We can’t wait to welcome students back into the building on Monday.

Lisa MacDonald